What I Work On

A Few Examples

My work over the years has been diverse, yet connected through designing functional solutions. The foundation of my work has been centered around websites in one way or another. I've spent about an equal amount of time doing freelance work as well as working with a team as an in-house designer. My history is broken up into a few focused fields.

5 years has been dedicated to ecommerce design exclusively for large ecommerce sites. 4 years has been designing interactive educational curriculum for both young students and college level course instruction. All the while designing websites for both the companies I've been part of as well as freelance clients.

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John G. Simon

Hi I'm John. I'm a detail-orientated designer with technical marketing expertise, dedicated to creating marketing solutions with compelling visuals that elevate brands and organizations. I specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that merge creative design with data-driven tactics that drive sales conversions in highly competitive markets.

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