Ecommerce Design

An ecommerce site is comprised of small, focused, interactions. The details matter and a seemless experience is necessary. By it's nature an ecommerce site is asking people to spend their hard earned money. This should be as effortless as possible.

I have worked exclusively for over 5 years designing for enterprise level ecommerce sites. Through the years, I've researched and designed hundreds of interactions. There isn't likely an aspect of an online store I haven't thought about, researched or designed.

Interactions Matter

Knowing which elements to display or leave out is crutial. Showing useful information without overwhelming the customer.

Displaying related accessories not only leads to cross selling, but also can help customers find a part they arelooking for.

Visual product color selection can make a choice easier by showing what the product looks like with the color selected.

Responsive Store Pages

Store pages and grids must be designed for all devices. Cross-device transactions account for over 30% of online purchases as of 2017. This number will likely continue to grow and surpass desktop. When I design each page or modular element, great care is placed on making sure customers can enjoy the experience on any device.

Emails & Landing Pages

When done right, great email marketing coupled with fine tuned landing pages can connect with customers who are excited and interested in your products.

Digital Image Ads

Digital ads have been a staple of online selling since the beginning. Success is measurable and there is an exciting growing number of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to engage with customers. I've worked with amazing marketing leaders to create ads that have returned many times on the cost investment.


If you're looking for someone to help build or improve your ecommerce store, consider hiring someone who has experience designing for the particular interactions of online commerce. I have built online stores from the ground up on platforms like Wordpress as well as worked with full development teams building and refining large scale ecommerce sites. If your strategy includes research and testing, I am Google analytics certified and have experience using behavior session replay to collect insights into customer needs.

As part of being involved with dedicated ecommerce teams I have stayed up to date on the latest research and best practices in the industry. While I have gained a lot of knowledge by working through customer pain points and regularly reviewing customer feedback, there is always more to learn and each product, customer profile and user journey is different. I do everything I can with the information available to design custom solutions that target a particular customer's needs for each project.

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John G. Simon

Hi I'm John. I'm a detail-orientated designer with technical marketing expertise, dedicated to creating marketing solutions with compelling visuals that elevate brands and organizations. I specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that merge creative design with data-driven tactics that drive sales conversions in highly competitive markets.

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