Design-Driven Marketing Solutions

I specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that merge creative design and data-informed tactics to drive conversions in highly competitive markets.

Team-Oriented Problem-Solver

I thrive on collaborating with teammates to craft innovative strategies that deliver significant value to initiatives, keeping a positive and supportive spirit throughout the process.

I value the results of successful teamwork even if the best solution wasn't my idea. I love putting the spotlight on the people I work with and celebrate the wins we make together. That's how a great working environment is formed.

John is the most versatile marketer I’ve had the privilege to work with – he can design, run marketing operations, and analyze data, creating meaningful reporting. He is an incredible asset to any organization.

Anush Alexander | CMO - Stova

I had the great pleasure of working with John on numerous marketing/sales initiatives in an effort to grow and streamline inbound and outbound motions. His consultative and collaborative approach was refreshing, and allowed a rarely-seen synergy between sales and marketing teams.

Josh Altman | Senior Director, Enterprise Sales - Versium

John’s skill set stretches far beyond design. His knowledge of marketing strategy, execution, and operations make him an asset to any team. I enjoyed working with him because he was always proactively looking for ways to add value and brought great energy to the team.

Hasani Wharton | Director Marketing Americas - Ivalua

Marketing Solutions Designed for Success

As a designer-marketer my work is to create effective solutions that get results. A good strategy is of utmost importance but a great plan is still weak without the right design execution.

My marketing super power is that I can execute on a marketing plan by building the system and creating the designs that make the plan reality.

Who I Work With

B2B Marketing Teams

From prospects to closed-won, I work with the sales and marketing team to create designed solutions for every part of the buyer/sales journey.

E-Commerce Stores

Whether part of a larger retail brand or completely DTC I design interactions, landing pages, ads and email campaigns to help the conversion rate and bottom line.

Design Teams

As a design leader, I can help your team take on a marketing approach to design that works seamlessly with the other stakeholders in the organization.


Developers have their own unique skillset that pairs really well with a designer like myself. A great developer paired with a great designer makes awesome software.

John G. Simon

Hi I'm John. I'm a detail-orientated designer with technical marketing expertise, dedicated to creating marketing solutions with compelling visuals that elevate brands and organizations. I specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that merge creative design with data-driven tactics that drive sales conversions in highly competitive markets.

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