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Aventri B2B Marketing & Design

Aventri (Now Stova), a leading Events Management Software. As a marketing and design leader I was tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities. B2B Software and Service Marketing: Developing, Building and Managing Hubspot CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Campaigns & Nurture Tracks. Constructing reporting dashboards to measure marketing results. Bridging the collaboration between marketing activity to the sales organization.

Ebooks, Whitepapers & Selling Sheets

Custom Show Booths

Marketing Emails & Sequences

Video & Motion Graphics

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John G. Simon

Hi I'm John. I'm a detail-orientated designer with technical marketing expertise, dedicated to creating marketing solutions with compelling visuals that elevate brands and organizations. I specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that merge creative design with data-driven tactics that drive sales conversions in highly competitive markets.

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