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My name is John Simon. I'm a designer and creative marketing leader. I work with sales and marketing teams to grow revenue and gain market share in competitive markets. My approach is simple. Put valuable solutions in front of the right people with the right message at the right time in their buyer’s journey. Make a plan, coordinate the team and get to work! With the right attitude this is engaging and rewarding work so don't forget to have a good time doing it. I believe we should be in this for the journey and the outcomes at the same time.

As a seasoned designer, when I create a marketing plan or campaign, I always factor in how to make a brand stand out in an exceptional light. Whether I create the visuals or lead a team of designers, brand image is always a factor. The right message isn’t just words, it’s also how a brand or organization is perceived. In a fast paced world where emails and landing pages are skimmed over, having a visual language that coordinates seamlessly with the written message is crucial.

As someone who believes a company can operate as many departments but ultimately as one team, my approach emphasizes seamless collaboration between marketing, sales and the product team, with the customer's needs at the core. Through open communication and shared insights, we create a cohesive strategy tailored to our target audience. In doing so we craft personalized campaigns that resonate deeply with potential clients. This collaborative method enhances performance and cultivates stronger customer relationships, driving success for the organization.

John G. Simon

Hi I'm John. I'm a detail-orientated designer with technical marketing expertise, dedicated to creating marketing solutions with compelling visuals that elevate brands and organizations. I specialize in crafting tailored marketing solutions that merge creative design with data-driven tactics that drive sales conversions in highly competitive markets.

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